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We welcome School groups and preschool groups to visit our pumpkin patch and farm during the weekdays.

The typical experience for a fall school field trip  school group during the weekdays  is this:

Upon arrival many children go immediately to the play area and spend time playing on the pirate ship play area, the hay bale maze, swings etc.  Once the entire group is at the farm they are greeted by a staff member and gathered together.  Then there is a small discussion with the children about pumpkins. A pumpkin is carved while the children watch and interact with the staff member. This usually takes 5 or so minutes as the children are asked appropriate questions for their age-group. Once the jac-O-Lantern is carved  the children are escorted to the family safe hay wagon and taken on an approximately 15 minute hayride where they see the pumpkin fields, Halloween decorations,  and go thru an area of the farm called “Spooky Woods.”

The children continue their hayride until they are brought to a field where they are given the freedom to pick their own pumpkin right off the vine.  These pumpkins range in sizes from a softball to a soccer ball in diameter.  the children then take a short walk back to the main area with their chaperones and generally go play in the play area.

The cost per person (including parents) is $3 each This includes the discussion, hayride and pumpkin. and usually takes 1 hour  to complete.Groups are welcome to stay as long as they wish  and often bring a snack and enjoy the play area with the children.

Groups are welcome to come on the weekends but we are unable to have discussion time or single group only hayrides.

We will strive to get your entire group on the same hayride if at all possible. All groups are subject to normal prices and weekend experience.


We schedule groups during weekdays Starting as early as 9 am  and we can go until 2 pm with the start times for these groups.  We will proceed with scheduled events RAIN OR SHINE but we may cancel if there are high winds or other safety concerns. We know that rain and kids don’t get along real well so if you need to cancel your group please call us @ 616-846-8986 and leave a message. We will do our best to schedule a later date for you if available.

To give everyone the best experience we expect the group leader to collect all the money’s from the participants and pay upon arrival.  We do accept cash, cards, and checks made payable to John Bethke.

Group Size: We can comfortably handle groups of 30 or so students and parents at a time or up to 75 if informed in advance and scheduled properly.

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The best way to schedule an appointment is to call 616-846-8986 be prepared to leave a phone number email address, size of group, name of group and the date and time you would like to attend.

or email